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Specialty Gas Suppliers

Specialty gas mixtures are the cornerstone of SpecGas Inc.’s production capabilities. We produce stable high purity gas blends of reactive and toxic gases at low PPM & PPB levels. Major gas distributors ask us to blend multi component specialty gases for their clients. End users in many different industries ask us for specialty gas mixtures custom blended to their specifications. Need gas blending experts for a complex mixture? Some of the gas mixtures we blend are Formaldehyde, Nitric Oxide, Phosgene, Hydrogen Chloride, Arsine, Phosphine, Hydrogen Cyanide, Trichlorosilane, Boron Trifluoride, and Moisture mixtures.
Complex Calibration Gas

Calibration Gas Mixtures

Our complex calibration gas mixtures enable you to calibrate your gas chromatography equipment, moisture analyzers or FTIR analyzer. Our single and multi-component calibration mixtures are produced utilizing our proprietary blending techniques that ensure accurate and stable blends. Some of our reactive calibration mixtures include Ammonia, Hydrogen Chloride, Silane, and various Chlorine mixtures. Some of our non-reactive gas mixtures are Sulfur Hexafloride, Propylene and most hydrocarbon gas mixes. Mixtures can be filled into disposable steel or aluminum cylinders and high pressure aluminum, steel or nickel plated cylinders.
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Stable Gas Mixtures & Rare Gases

SpecGas Inc., has earned a reputation in the Specialty Gas Industry as a first choice supplier. Our one-of-a-kind cylinder treatment process is perfect for producing stable reactive gas mixtures with a SpecGas Stability Guarantee.

You can order formaldehyde mixtures, and nitric oxide gas blends that have longer shelf life stability using our cylinder treatment process.

This primarily applies to our reactive gas mixtures we blend for you. Read more about our cylinder treatment study here.

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Shelf Life Study Of Corrosive Gas Mixtures
Below is a sampling of some of the reactive calibration gases that SpecGas can blend in the (PPM / PPB) ranges. A full range of 2-comp, multi-comp, hydrocarbon, rare gas, and Fluorine Excimer Laser mixtures are available. SpecGas routinely sources and produces mixtures of difficult to find or unusual gases that our customers require.

Gases Mixtures We Specialize In: