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Calibration Gases for Electronics Manufacturing

The semiconductor industry and the consumer electronics industries use our high purity gases and gas mixtures for numerous applications including ion implantation, plasma etching, and certain chamber cleaning processes. Gas mixtures and gas mixture standards are critical for instrument calibration. Some of the more popular gases we blend for the electronics industry are Phosphine, Boron Trifluoride, Silicon Tetrachloride and Dichlorosilane. With SpecGas, you specify the details of the gases you want blended, purity requirements and we deliver the mixtures according to your specifications. We look forward to earning your trust as a valued supplier of your gas mixtures blended with precision every time, cost effectively.

Gases for Semiconductor Manufacturing

We offer clients a reliable supply of high purity gases used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. We follow ridged safety and quality standards throughout the blending process to ensure your gas mixtures are consistent every time. There may be over 30 different gases used in the mass production of integrated circuits and the purity of those gases is critical to your success. We ensure you will be delivered ultra-pure gases that are tested for trace impurities.

Gases for Flat Panel Consumer Electronics

Nitrogen Trifluoride and Hexaflourothane are two gases used to clean the CVD chamber. Special Fluorocarbon mixtures are used in the etching process of flat panel displays. Dopant mixtures like Diborane in Hydrogen and Phosphine in Hydrogen are also specialty gas blends used in the manufacture of photovoltaics. Your team at Specgas are skilled at blending these and many other calibration gases used in the production of advanced consumer electronics. If you are involved with the manufacture of electronic components and require a more reliable source of specialty gas mixtures, we invite you to contact SpecGas today at: (215) 443-2600

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