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Gas Supplier for the Lighting Industry

We hope to be your supplier of multi-component lighting gas mixtures and pure gases commonly used to make incandescent, LED, fluorescent and high intensity discharge lighting products. Some of our multi component lighting gas mixtures are Methylbromide (CH3BR), Dibromomethane (CH2BR2), Hydrogen Bromide (HBR) and Bromo Dichloromethane. SpecGas blends other halogen gas mixtures and each client likes us to customize their mixture specifically for their needs. Please allow us to earn your trust as a valued supplier of halogen and hydride gas mixtures. Rare gas mixtures and pure gases are available in disposable and refillable aluminum and steel cylinders in various sizes starting at net volumes of 17 liters

Rare Gas Blends

The light emitting properties of rare gases like Neon, Krypton and Xenon are readily used in the lighting industry. Krypton gas has also proven to be a great insulator in windows and a key component in laser gas mixtures. We manufacture high purity rare gas blends for your specific purposes and will deliver them in high pressure refillable and disposable cylinders of various sizes from small net quantities of 17 liters to larger quantities.

Here are a few of the more common rare gas blends we ship to clients:

  • 70 % Kryptom / 30 % Xenon
  • 50 % Krypton / 50 % Argon
  • 0.5 % Hydrogen / 19.5 % Argon / 80 % Krypton


Pure Argon Gas Suppliers in the USA

Filler gases like Argon and Krypton are used in double and triple pane windows because they minimize heat transmission between the panes of glass. The insulating value of a window that use these filler gases deliver a high efficiency (Low E) glass. Noise transmission through windows is also reduced as the molecular weight of the filler gas increases.

Very little Argon is used in window pane construction that the benefits of using it are easily justified compared to the less expensive Nitrogen. Argon is the preferred gas to use in most multi-paned windows.

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