Formaldehyde As An Ingredient Is Very Versatile

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Formaldehyde As An Ingredient Is Very Versatile

One of the most extensively studied and widely used compounds available in the market is formaldehyde. Formadehyde Calibration GasChemically classified as an organic compound, it is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, with the formula CH2O.

Normally, it exists as a colorless and flammable gas distinctly characterized by its foul-smelling and suffocating odor. When used in an aqueous solution at 37% pure formaldehyde by weight, it is more commonly known as formalin, which is prominently associated with taxidermy and embalming due to its superb tissue-preserving ability.

But beyond this notable use, there is still a full spectrum we can explore on how it is broadly applied in the laboratory and manufacturing sectors.

Usage Areas for Formaldehyde

With its excellent properties, it plays a vital role in the chemical industry as an inexpensive yet essential reactive ingredient in producing thousands of products we use on a daily basis. From laboratories to commercial and industrial fields, it serves as an inexpensive starting material for a variety of chemical processes resulting in finished products with minimal to no traces of it in their final form. Listed below are the areas of use:

Formadehyde Gas Applications

Laboratory and Medical Areas Formaldehyde is evident in various laboratory procedures involving the long-term storage of biological samples. It is particularly responsible for limiting the decomposition of tissues in pathological, histological, and anatomical laboratories. Whereas in the medical field, it is used in the clinical treatment of cystitis. A derivative of CH2O is methenamine, well-known for treating urinary tract infections. Formaldehyde is also present in structural coatings in dentistry, topical ointments, and as a preservative in some well-known pharmaceuticals.

Construction, Building, and Commercial Use Industrial-grade adhesives and coatings are largely produced from resins that are formaldehyde-based. Formaldehyde used to make adhesives serves as a binding agent for pressed-wood products that is used for furniture and cabinetry. Polyacetals, containing formaldehyde as an active ingredient, are used in thermoplastics within the electronics industry.

Food Industry Naturally present in vegetables, fruits, livestock, and marine products, formaldehyde is a by-product of the metabolic process. An indirect application of formaldehyde within the food industry is as disinfectant for food containers. A tolerable amount of it is used as a preservative for dried foods and oils, cold swelling for starch modification, and as an infection inhibiting agent for juice production in the sugar industry.

Sanitation and Cleaning Agents Formaldehyde derivatives can also be found in soaps, shampoos, deodorants, sanitary tissues, napkins, detergents, and cleaning agents. It is also used as an anti-oxidizer additive in rubber products like latex and synthetic rubbers.

Automobile Applications Formaldehyde-based technologies make it possible for automobile manufacturers to utilize key components that are highly fire-resistant. Phenol formaldehyde resins, in particular, attribute the ability of automotive materials to withstand extreme operating temperatures. For metallic components, it serves as an anti-corrosive agent in the vehicle electroplating process.

Formaldehyde Calibration Gas

Formaldehyde calibration gas comes in either balance air, balance nitrogen, or other inert gases. It is available in concentration ranges from 1 ppm to 100 ppm. This specialty gas mixture is used in calibrating formaldehyde sensors found in monitoring kits and in other analytical instruments (e.g Gas Chromatographs & FTIR Spectrometers).

The standard compliance test in measuring formaldehyde gas in stack emission is guided by EPA Method 320 where a CH2O-containing spike gas is directly infused into the stack flue gas.

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