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SpecGas supports a wide variety of industries with specialty blended gas mixtures. We produce special calibration gas mixtures for research labs, independent laboratories and university based research laboratories. Companies that use air quality monitoring equipment and continuous emissions monitoring systems utilize our calibration gases as well. Our extensive product lines include gas mixtures for the consumer electronics industries, gas mixtures for Semi-Conductor manufacturing, Process Control applications, Lighting manufactures and use in specialty lasers. SpecGas Inc. produces stable nitric oxide calibration blends at low ppm and ppb levels. Here is a brief list of the primary industries we serve and know that our capabilities allow us to be great partners for other industries that require custom gas mixtures.
University Labs Calibration Gas Mixtures

Air Quality Monitoring

Research Laboratory Gases

Emissions Monitoring Gas Mixtures

Electronics Manufacturing Gas Mixtures

Power Generation

Semi-Conductor Gas Mixtures


Flat Panel Consumer Electronics

Special Applications

Solar Panel Manufacturing

Cruise Ships & Other Confined Spaces

Lighting Industry Gas Mixtures

OEM Manufacturing

Excimer Laser Gas Mixtures

Process Controls

Helium-Neon Laser Mixtures

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