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Moisture Mixture Gas is a calibration gas mixture, composed of a known concentration of moisture or H2O Gas in a vapor phase. Typically, it is mixed with nitrogen gas as the balance gas. Because nitrogen gas is an inert gas and does not react with water but is miscible with each other. It is a clear, odorless, non-reactive gas mixture and is generally stable under normal conditions.

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Calibration Gas for Gas Analyzers & Detectors

Moisture Gas Mixtures are widely used in the calibration of gas analyzers and gas detectors both for industrial and laboratory applications. In the industrial setting, it is used in the calibration of moisture and gas analyzers, especially in the oil and gas industries.  For these industries, water vapor in the gas stream is considered a contaminant.  In fact, in the petroleum refining process, the first step of the process is the removal of water vapor from the gas stream. Often pipeline specifications are developed to prevent the formation of hydrates which can block the pipeline over time.  Water contaminated gas will also lead to corrosion and poor performance of process equipment.  Therefore, regular calibration of the gas analyzers is very important.

Moisture Mixtures for Instrument Calibration

Calibration gases are also used in the lab environment. Properly calibrating gas analyzers, gas detectors and other analysis equipment with Moisture gas mixture, ensures your instrumentation functions accurately. If your analyst wishes to measure water vapor content of a gas, the equipment must be calibrated first with a calibration gas of a known concentration of water. A properly calibrated gas detector or analyzer should be able to detect components of a gas without question.

H2O Gas for Calibration

High Purity Moisture Gas Mixtures

A calibration gas should meet the necessary standards for purity. Any amount of contamination in a calibration gas can affect the accuracy of the calibrated equipment. To make sure that a calibration gas meets our standards, it should be traceable to national and international criteria and specifications. NIST traceability and certification helps us ensure that the calibration gas we produce measures up to your expectations.

H2O Gas in a Vapor Phase is known as Moisture Mixture

Our moisture mixture is acquired in cylinders and measured in Gas Phase Volume. Average volume amounts vary from 58 liters to 2000 liters in the gas phase. Your desired quantity and portability of the calibration gas needed should be included in your request form. We would also need to know the cylinder type. The moisture mixture is generally available in 10 ppm, 100 ppm, and 200 ppm of H2O in an inert gas. However, if you require a calibration concentration or a different balance to be used in our blending process, simply specify your needs and include an email address and phone number with your request.

Calibration gases, like moisture mixture gas, play an important role in laboratory and industry settings. It is vital you buy your calibration gases from a trusted and certified manufacturer. SpecGas Inc., can help you with all of your calibration gas needs and provide the best quality gas blends. If you have any questions or inquiries about this gas and all of our product lines, please contact one of our trusted engineers.

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