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Gases for University Research Labs

Regardless of the types of gas chromatography equipment you use in your university laboratory, SpecGas can customize the calibration gas required to meet your equipment calibration needs. We can also supply high purity gases for research projects that will allow you to perform the most accurate experiments possible. Get customized gas mixtures made to your specifications and blending procedures that will ensure you the highest quality, stability and purity you can rely on. We maintain a close working relationship with the faculty, lab professionals and administrators to ensure we are delivering high quality specialty gas mixtures ensuring your experiments and laboratory testing is always accurate. All of our calibration mixtures are produced gravimetrically and under the highest standards. All of our custom gas blends for universities and colleges, are directly traceable to NIST standards and arrive in cylinders blended according to your specifications.

R&D Laboratory Calibration Gases

For Universities and Research Laboratories, we offer precise manufacturing of all calibration gases. Also, we have perfected a proprietary internal cylinder treatment and blending procedures developed through many years of our own research & development. SpecGas Inc., performs compatibility and shelf life studies on our gases and cylinder materials to insure your lab receives a stable and reliable product. These ultrapure gas cylinders are specifically designed to maintain the integrity of high quality gases for labs on campuses.

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